French Roulette

French Roulette

French roulette is one of the classic roulette games, where the roulette wheel has numbers from 0-36, i.e. 37 pockets. The game is about guessing which pocket the ball will end up in. Before each spin you can place call bets, special bets and favorite bets. This roulette game is less known than the traditional American roulette table, and the favorable European roulette.

Maximum and minimum stakes will always be visible in the “MAX/MIN sector” on the table you play on, and any winnings take place according to the winnings table, which can be seen by pressing “i” on the keyboard.

According to the written history of roulette, the French roulette was the first version of the today’s world-renowned game form.

This is how you bet

Once you have found and marked the position you want to bet on, a max/min window will be displayed for the given bet. Then select the chip value you want to play to place a bet and click on either a number or a bet position.

If you want to increase the bet, click once more (or x number of times). With each click, the amount is increased by the token value. – As long as there are active arrows to the right or left of the chip, you can click to see the chip values you can bet with.

When the bet is placed, press the button “SPIN”, after which the wheel spins and the winning number is found.. When the game is in progress, you can point to your bet to see the total value of it, and see your potential gain.

If your bet exceeds the maximum allowed, or the rules of the table, the auto-adjust function will kick in and adjust the bet to the maximum allowed. If several bets are placed, the bets are adjusted down proportionally so that all your bets are not enough to cover all your bet fields, the function itself chooses how it distributes. The function can be activated under “game settings”.

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Where to play french roulette online?

The list below contains some of the best and classic Danish casinos on the internet, where there are e.g. American roulette, French roulette and roulette games can be played.

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Rate types

Rate types

The game has 4 main categories of bets:

  • Inside bets
  • Outside bets
  • Call bets
  • Special efforts

Inside bets are made on specific numbers on the table.

There are further different types of inside bets.

  • Straight
  • Split
  • Three numbers (street)
  • Corner
  • Six links

Common to the 5 above types of bets is that they are made on specific numbers on the table, and therefore they are called inside.

Outside bets are made on areas where groups of the table’s numbers are gathered.

As with the inside bets, there are also several different outside bets:

  • Column
  • Dozen
  • Red/black
  • Even/odd
  • 1-18/19-36

All of the above outside bets therefore represent a group of numbers found on the table.

Call bets are made by combining one or more inside bets. This happens in the order in which they appear on the roulette wheel, which is also called a series. Call bets may have a minimum number of chips that must be placed in a certain order before a bet can be accepted. In addition, a call bet must be placed exactly on the Racetrack on the table.

The following call bets are available:

  • Numbers and neighbors
  • Play Zero
  • Tiers
  • Orphans
  • Voisins

Finally, there are also the more special bets. These types of call bets must be made by placing the bet right on the bet name in the menu, which is called “special bets”. By clicking on “favorite bets” the “Special bets” menu opens.

As said, special bets are a type of the call bets, as they are actually a combination of one or more inside bets. Minimum bet for special bets is shown in the menu for special bets.

There are the following special efforts:

  • Red and black split
  • Final Plein
  • Final Cheval
  • Finale Cheval/Plein

Favorite bets

Favorite bets

As I said, French roulette also offers favorite bets. This means that it is possible to save all the combos that you play most often, after which you can automatically play them in the future. You save a combo as a favorite bet by first placing your bet. Then you must open the “favorite bets” menu, where you can create a name for your combo.

The bet is saved as a favorite when you have finished by clicking OK. You must also open the favorite bet menu and select a favorite bet if you want to play on one of them. French Roulette has a theoretical payback rate of around 97.30%.

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