Betting on sports in the age of social media

Betting on sports in the age of social media

Social media and influencers have greatly contributed to the spread of 22Bet in this era of technology. It has both good and bad sides which will be discussed below. 

The Rise of Social Media in Sports Betting

The rise of social media has made sports betting more accessible and provided bettors with information that can affect the teams they choose to put money on. Although social media has a lot to offer, it can equally be harmful if not used properly. 

However good social media appears to be, the traditional way of relying on sportsbooks for betting odds is still better as there is a high chance of getting wrong information from inexperienced bettors. 

How Social Media Has Changed the Way People Bet on Sports

People Bet on Sports

Social media has changed the way people bet in some of the following ways:

Increased engagement: Information has never been this easy to access in history since the invention of the internet. Because of easy access, billions of people can join the betting world.

Growth of social media influencers: Sports experts and former athletes have earned considerable followings on sites such as Twitter and Instagram. These influencers provide useful insights on sports and betting to their followers, which can help bettors make more informed selections.

Scrutiny: people can openly condemn bettors and betting as a whole because of social media. This has created transparency and accountability in the sports betting industry. 

Advertisement: Sports betting influencers are constantly promoting betting sites. Most times, betting websites sponsor the promotion from influencers.

The Role of Social Media Influencers in Sports Betting

Role of Social Media

Influencers are people that have a lot of followers on social media applications like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. These influencers can control the way people place bets because of the power that comes with having plenty of followers in today’s world.

Before the internet changed the world and made access to information easier, sports betting was a face-to-face activity. Where bettors had to meet and discuss the outcome of the game before placing bets.

Now all bettors need is a strong internet connection, a smartphone, and a wealthy sports betting influencer. 

Another thing social media has done is make people who would not normally care about betting become aware and partake in it because of the advertisement sports betting gets from both influencers and non-influencers. 

The Impact of social media on sports betting analytics and data analysis

Social media data can be linked with machine learning algorithms to find patterns and new things happening in sports betting data. This integration can assist sports betting analytics firms in developing more accurate models and forecasts.


As the obsession with social media increases, so will the way it impacts people’s daily lives and the choices they make. And the betting industry will not be left out of this change. 

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