Cash Stampede Slot – Review

Cash Stampede Slot – Review

5 reels and 243 different ways to win. You can easily get ready for the best online gaming adventure you’ve ever had. In other words, Cash Stampede has found its way to and

The machine offers 243 different ways in which you can grab quite attractive prizes. The adventurous, and perhaps slightly creepy tone is created by virtue of the somewhat dark and stormy background, but don’t worry – the only rain you will experience is the money rain, which you have a good chance of landing in.

Cash Stampede can offer that

Cash Stampede

As I said, there are a total of 5 reels to play on, and these 5 reels give you 243 different ways to win. Among the more attractive features of the slot machine, the many free bonus spins must certainly be mentioned – they are available to you.

You get these bonus spins when the scatters hit either reel 2, 3 or 4. If you hit one of the 3, you get 8 free spins, which can also be triggered during the bonus round!

The big adrenaline rush must come from the joker function, which Cash Stampede of course also offers.

The slot has a wild symbol on the 3rd reel! If you manage to hit one of the different animal symbols in the base game, and you also hit the wild symbol on the 3, then the very attractive Cash Stampede respin feature is triggered. Explained in more detail, this means that you can hit the joker win with either an elephant, horse, buffalo antelope or a rhinoceros.

The winning symbols are kept in place while the rest are changed. Should you hit more symbols while you’re at it, you’ll just win even more!

Play along via mobile, tablet or computer

Play along via mobile

Of course, this new fantastic machine can be tried and played from both your mobile, your tablet or quite traditionally on your computer. In other words, you have every opportunity to get started with this adventurous gaming experience! Read about more online casino slot machines and win big!

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