European roulette

European roulette

What is European Roulette?

European Roulette is a classic casino game where you have to try to predict which field the game’s ball will land in.

If you take a look at the roulette wheel itself, you see numbers from 0-37. This gives us a total of 37 pockets.

Since European Roulette falls under the category of a classic casino game, it is of course also possible to make call bets, favorite bets and special bets.

At the table’s MIN/MAX section, you can see the various min. and maximum rates. Any payouts must also be made in accordance with the pay table, which can also be seen at the relevant table.

Spilnu offers European Roulette online.

In addition to European roulette, there is also a French version of roulette and an American version of roulette. We recommend betting on the European one, as the odds of winning are higher here.

How do I bet?

If you want to bet, you simply point to the location you want. The effort is then marked.

Next, a window will appear on the screen, which tells you what the given max. and min. stakes are. After that, you first select your chip value and the desired number you would like to play for. If you click several times on the number, you add more tokens of the selected token value.

If you see any active arrows to the right or left in connection with your bet, you can click on these and see what other chip values you have available.

Once you have placed your bet, you point to your chip on the table, which will then show you its value. The game is started by pressing the SPIN button.

Now the ball will spin around the wheel until it lands and stays in a pocket. The winner will then be announced and receive their winnings unpaid.

Auto adjustment of effort

There is a function called “auto-adjustment of effort”. You can enable this feature in your game settings.

The function will help you to adjust your stakes so that they always fit in with your stake limits.

If you are in a situation where all bet positions cannot be covered, the function will itself choose the positions to bet on.

The 4 different rate types

different rate types

In European Roulette you mainly have 4 different types of bets.

These bet types are called: Inside bets, Outside bets; special bets and Call bets.

Inside bets

You make the inside bets on a specific number. The following types are found within inside inserts:

  • Straight
  • Split
  • Corner
  • Six Lines
  • Three numbers (street)

Outside bets

You make the outside bets on a whole group of the table’s numbers. These efforts are as follows:

  • Column
  • Dozen
  • Even/odd
  • Red/black
  • 1-18/19-36

Call bets

Call bets are several inside bets that are combined into a series that appears on the table. You make call bets by placing your chips directly on the racetrack.

You should always be aware that your call bets can have a min. requirements for your tokens. These must be placed in a certain order before your bet is valid.

The call stakes are as follows;

  • Numbers and neighbors
  • Tiers
  • Play Zero
  • Orphans
  • Voisins

Special efforts

Special efforts

You make the special bets by looking in the “special bets” menu.

A special bet consists of several different types of call bets, making it technically a combination of several inside bets.

You can make the following special bets:

  • Red and black split
  • Final Cheval
  • Final Plein

Finale Cheval/Plein*/As mentioned before in the introduction, European Roulette also offers favorite bets. It makes it possible to save all the combinations that you play, after which you can play them automatically.

To save a combination, you must first place your bets.

Next, you open the “favorite bets” menu, where you can save the combination with a name. If you want to play with the combination at a later time, you simply open the menu, find “favorite bets” and select your saved game. Everything will be placed for you automatically, just like the games you have saved.

High repayment rate

You get a theoretically high repayment percentage in European Roulette of as much as 97.30% at Casino.

You can also try live roulette online at Maria Casino and Danske Spil Casino.

If you are still in doubt about something regarding roulette, you can read our FAQ roulette section, which answers the typically asked questions.

Good luck with European Roulette!

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